Two Residencies for sale in Naxos Avlia

The building complex is comprised of two independent residences (Residence A, Residence B) that are arranged in two distinct levels. Each residence consists of three spaces and so the Residence A and the Residence B have one undercut space. The two residences have similar design logic.


The Perfect Location

In the southwestern part of the island the two houses are located at the hill, gazing the Aegean Sea and attending one of the most
impressive and famous sunsets of the Cyclades.

Tettix-Zege, Vernikos

Tettix construction company in association with Zege Architects ( designed two luxurious residences (villas) at Naxos island. Tettix is a progression of Sfakianakis constructions company which has a multiannual experience on demanding projects such as Metro Stations, bridges and big structures. Zege, an internationally acclaimed corporation with strong presence in Europe and Asia, respects the architectural traditions ,the environment and the landscape.

Take a Closer Look

Residence A

Residence B

Living Rooms





In each residence the first space remains the kitchen and the living room, the second one consists of the master bedroom and the last one the rest of bedrooms. However, at Residence A the undercut space contains the kitchen and the living room, while at Residence B the undercut space includes the two bedrooms.

The undercut spaces of the houses were chosen not only as a way of integrating and adjusting the buildings to the terrain, but also for the bioclimatic performance of these structures. Protection from strong winds and thermal comfort conditions are among others, important advantages of undercut spaces. Interior temperatures are easily maintained in 20°C, since the buildings are surrounded by soil that has constantly 18°C temperature. In addition, other bioclimatic methods in particular (air) shafts are used through out, in order to maximize daylight during winter months, provide cooling and prevent from overheating during the summer, while ensuring adequate cross-ventilation all year long. Furthermore the shafts create better lighting conditions and insert planting features to the interiors.

Outdoor spaces are carefully designed in order to be used such as main spaces of the houses. They are partly covered with wooden pergola providing shadow and preventing from overheating of the facade and from the effect of glare. Contemporary materials that blend in well with Cycladic landscape are used in addition to local stone, wood and plaster cement. It is worth noticing that there will be an architectural planning study for the indoor spaces.

Tettix’s aim is the creation of constructions that are distinguished for their high esthetics, making the accommodation for the owner and the visitor a unique and unforgettable experience.


Vernikos Nikos

Sales Manager

For any inquiries that may arise for these unique two-residencies call us or send us email on the below:

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